Hunting Safaris in South Africa

Discover our various safaris in South Africa : hunting, photographic or fishing. An invitation to a journey.


Who would like to be accommodating in a sumptuous place but have to be driven hundreds of kilometres every day to reach different territories?
Each part of the Eastern Cape has his own characteristics, topography, and even specific game.
Most of the hunters come with their better halves, sometime with children : all of them should be offered the privilege to discover as much as possible of this beautiful country, despite the few days available, and still have plenty time to hunt.
Traveling from one lodge to the other allow you to see the countryside, part of it at least. I have chosen the lodges myself : I do know their qualities, they are all close to perfect, but I also know how different they are. Each of them will be for the traveller a new experience. The hunt will be different too. The main thing is that we do not have to travel each day because we will be hunting on site.
I have no knowing of any other safari operator who gives this opportunity to his clients, I do not know of anybody offering such quality for this price.
I will organise your safari the way you want. I will organise your hunting trip listening to your wishes. I will be present all along your safari and might be your PH. The younger PHs working with me also know how to hunt and they do it with passion.
It is easy for me to organise the same type of safaris than those you can find everywhere in South Africa: you just need to ask, your choice !

Nyala hunt in South Africa 

Bushbuck & Warthog hunt in South Africa 

Dangerous animals

The hunting of the dangerous animals will be organized here, to Zimbabwe or to Mozambique. A personalized proposal will be sent to you on request.

Hunt dangerous animals  1 hunter x 1 guide : 550 € / day / each (the first one and the last one count only for one).

Hunt dangerous animals 2 hunter x 1 guide : 480 € / day / each (the first one and the last one count only for one).

Not hunter : 220 € / day / each (the first one and the last day count only for one).


Hunt antelopes 1 hunter x 1 guide : 300 €/ day /each (the first one and the last one count only for one).

Hunt antelopes 2 hunter x 1 guide : 480 €/ day / each (the first one and the last one count only for one).

Not hunter : 220 €/ day / each (the first one and the last day count only for one).

Egyptian goose and Spearwing
Hunting of March at the end of August.
Minimum 2 hunters, maximum 8.
Cost per gun, 5 days hunting :
2 hunters = 2 250 € /each (6 observers = 900 € / each).
4 hunters = 2 200 € / each (4 observers maximum, 900 € / each).
6 hunters = 2 150 € / each (2 observers maximum, 900 € / each).
8 hunters = 2 100 € / each.

Included in daily rates :

– All transfers,
– Accommodation in double room,
– All meals and local drinks during safari,
– Hunting licence,
– General shooting organisation.

Are not included in those rates :

– Flights to and from Port Elisabeth,
– shells 12 bore (20 bore available),
– Excursion, meals, hotel before or after shooting safari dates,
– Insurance.

IT is rather difficult to temporary import a semi auto shotgun.
Rent a gun: 30 €/day

Bird shooting

Minimum group of 4 hunters : 450 €/ day / each (the first one and the last day count only for one).

Not hunter : 220 €/ day / each (the first one and the last day count only for one).

Dip sea fishing
Dip sea fishing, Indian Ocean
We use to put out to sea a modern boat in perfect condition in hull of type catamaran equipped with two outboard motors of 115cv. His owner is South African and it is an experimented skipper which knows the good corners.
The passage of the surfing (where waves run towards the bank) is an experience which impresses many greenhorns it is often rather sports. We usually go fishing at the bottom, between 15 and 80 meters deep, from 5 to 10 miles in the wide. We respect of course the regulations on the sport fishing at sea.
It will be necessary to you to plan a tight garment and cutting the wind, a long-sleeved shirt, a tour(ballot) of the neck, a hat, sunglasses, anti-skid shoes even if the bridge is covered with a carpet absorbing, of the sunscreen with high indication, a protection for lips. It is essential not to be cold.
You will find on board all the fishing tackle and the necessary bait, the sandwiches, the fruits and the drinks.
Rates :
Bottom fishing for non-pelagic fish : 400 €/day for two fishermen. 20 €/day and a person in more. (4 fishermen maximum by boat).
Game fishing : 600 €/taken out. Two fishermen maximum by boat. 20 €/day for each additional passenger.

Hunting or picture trips in South Africa occur in the Eastern Cape, region completely free of malaria. Depending on the selected options, your arrival airport will be East London or Port Elizabeth ; both are located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The proximity of the coast allows us to consider dip sea fishing trips (materials provided) weather permitting and on reservation only.


The Eastern Cape is a malaria free area. During your stay with us, you will discover beautiful private properties on which numerous wild game roam freely, you will discover magnificient flora and landscapes hundreds of birds. Accomodation, on our properties, will be in doublerooms en suite; the cooking is traditional and excellent. Photos will be taken while stalking animals on foot, from hides and stands or drives on safari car, a ranger accompagning you everywhere. Tailored safari organise on request.


Stay of 9 days / 7 nights

Rates for two people : 3000 € / each.

Rates for four people : 2800 € / each.

Rates for six people : 2600 € / each.

Children under age 12 sharing the room : 1500 €.


What should you put in your luggage ?

  • 3 pair of pants and/or shorts (neutral colour), 
  • 3 neutral cotton shirts,
  • a pair of good walking shoes to wear with cotton or leather gaiters,
  • 6 pairs of good quality socks,
  • a jumper (mornings and evening can be cool),
  • a windbreaker or hunting jacket,
  • a cap + gloves (for fresh mornings) 
  • bush hat, bob or cap,
  • a pair of light but strong gloves if you fear the thorns,
  • underwear (yes, some forget…), swimsuit at the beginning and end of the season,
  • some spare clothes for supper time and a pair of light shoes,
  • toiletry bag,
  • odourless sunscreen, after sun cream, lipstick,
  • insect repellent (ticks, mosquitoes),
  • personal medications
  • a good pair of non-reflective sunglasses
  • a good pair of binoculars,
  • a small backpack,
  • a small flashlight,
  • camera, battery, chargers.


Notes :

No object of value in checked baggage in the hold.
The « safari clothing » offered by specific stores are not always good for hunting because often too bright. However they are perfect for traveling and for the evening. Hunting clothes colors must be as neutral as possible.
‘Camo’ clothing are widely used in southern Africa, no problem.
You are entitled to a specific number of kilos of baggage in the hold except particular agreement with the airline. Every extra kilo is charged very expensively… Remember to travel for example with your hunting boots on.
Your hand baggage must not weigh more than 7kg in principle, ask the airline.
If transfer, make sure before boarding the aircraft whether all your luggage are in the bay.

If you decide to bring your weapon :
You must have with you your ‘European firearms passport ‘.
Your gun will travel in a locked suitcase. (You can put 2 weapons in the same suitcase.) Ammunition in their original box will be in a different case also locked; the weight of it, ammunition included, must not exceed 5kg.
Please bring a cartridge holder: no ammunition rattling around in the pockets please.
Very important : specify your airline that you will travel with weapon(s) and ammunition.

Some companies do accept them anymore ! Ask your travel agency.

Please contact me to know the import formalities.


Rates include : all transfer, meals, drinks (South Sfrican beer and wine).
Rates do not include : flights, hotel and meals prior to or after the booked safari,extra excursions outside our properties, spirits, insurances and tip to our staff.

South Africa offers a wide variety of landscape, climate differs completely from North to South and from West to East, hunting on adequately closed properties is possible throughout the year, there is not a minimum of hunting days, tourism opportunities are vast and varied. If you come single, as a pair of friends, a couple or a family, is it not quite a lot of assets ?