Detailed information

Find all the practical information concerning hunting safaris proposed in South Africa.


I will meet with you at East London or Port Elisabeth airport, depending of the safari you have booked.


According to the period, I shall indicate you the adequate dresses.

Payment method

The euro, US dollar and the national currency are accepted. An electronic transfer of the value of the stay (safari hunts) is asked the reservation (accommodation). Trophies and other miscellaneous (drinks, rent rifle, ammunitions, marine fishing) are generally paid on-the-spot cash.

Security / Insurance

No animal considered as dangerous lives near lodges and during the safari I assure the security. No insurance is included in the offers and the services. Load to the customers to do what’s necessary.


Local cooking is great, most people find it excellent. If one needs a very specific diete, we apologyse to have to charge an extra € 20 / day.


According to your desire, several status of lodges are available. Of traditional in very comfortable.

It is possible for the hunter to choose to stay only in a luxury lodge, it will be necessary for it to add $30  by overnight stay and a person.

Water / Electricity / Internet

Everything is understood in the price of your safari, whatever it is.

Not included in our price lists

The tourist travels, the accesses to parks and to attractions, rent of mini bus (so necessary), meals and expenses of accommodation before or after the safari and the tips to the staff (they are a member here of their remuneration).

Hunting season

On our properties granted with a certificate of adequate enclosure hunting is allowed all year long.
Please contact me with any request, I will help you to decide what and when is best for you.


The routing of your trophies will be made with a local taxidermist.

Rent of material of hunting and types of hunting

We go hunting in the tracking, in the approach and/or, if need be, lying in wait (bow in particular). On principle we do not fire since a vehicle. The hunter is free to fire or not the animal indicated by the guide, it is solely responsible for its shooting. Any wounded animal will be considered brought down and must be paid even if the searches do not succeed.

The loan of a weapon, inclusive ammunitions, is possible and will be charged $25 / day of hunting.

Taxes of taking 2015

Back from hunting, game viewing, fishing

Relaxation and Comfort are assured in lodges selected for you.

Compose your ideal safari in South Africa.

That you are hunter or a fisher, our safaris adapt themselves to your projects of excursions, trip…